What is FEEF?

FEEF, the Faria Educational Enrichment Fund enriches your child’s education at Faria by funding staff positions, educational programs, supplies and technology acquisition. FEEF raises money to augment Faria's educational programs through the purchase of classroom materials, books, and technology, through sponsorship of special events and educational activities, through financing of classroom, teachers and other aides, and through improvement of the school‘s facilities. FEEF is a registered 501(c)3, non-profit organization, managed and operated by Faria parent volunteers. FEEF is guided by a Board of Directors comprised of 7 parents, 2 teacher representatives, Faria’s principal, and other operating committees.

Why is FEEF needed?

FEEF funds are used to cover any enrichment needs at Faria that cannot be met through other sources. In the current economic climate, the district level grants to our schools are under constant pressure. FEEF, in good times, builds up reserves that it can then apply during the lean years, such as at the current time.

Here's a nice summary of Fundraising/Donations activities for Faria parents.

Why is FEEF a separate organization?

FEEF was created 15 years ago to be independent in order to be free of funds carry-over limitations.

What does FEEF fund?

Last year FEEF contributed about $112,500 to Faria in order to buy materials and equipment and to fund programs that could not be funded any other way. These expenditures benefit each and every child at Faria every single year, from Kindergarten through 5th grade, and Faria would be very different without it.

FEEF funds staff approved programs, activities and supplies that comply with the Faria A+ philosophy.

Based on requests from Faria staff and principal for the calendar 2013-2014 year, FEEF will be funding approximately $90,000 for the following Faria programs, staff and supplies:

How does FEEF raise money?

Direct Donation and corporate matching grants are FEEF’s primary fundraising activity.

Revenue from fundraisers can fluctuate significantly and in case of additional state budget cuts, FEEF reserves are used to ensure funding of programs. Instead of additional fundraisers, the school and FEEF uses funds from its existing reserve to fund existing programs.

How do I find out what FEEF is doing? How do I get involved?

I strongly encourage you to directly contact me or any other FEEF board member if you have questions about FEEF. Direct interaction, dialogue and open communication are vital for continued success of Faria and FEEF. Contact information for FEEF board and committee members will be published at the Faria web site in August.

The FEEF board normally meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 6:45 PM-8:15 PM. All parents are welcome to attend FEEF board meetings. At each meeting we have dedicated specific time for parents to share their opinions and contribute to the continued success of Faria.

I will continue to keep parents and staff regularly updated of all FEEF activities/funding via the Faria Falcon newsletter.

FEEF now has a website dedicated to it, http://www.faria-feef.org. Please visit the website and give us comments/input.

Feel free to contact me via phone or email if you have questions about FEEF or if you are interested in volunteering.